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Official Clubland Playlists on Spotify!

For over 15 years Clubland has been the definitive Dance Music brand consistently delivering the biggest and best that the dance music world has to offer. from the biggest acts, DJ’s and releases through to it’s Clubland Album compilations, Clubland TV Channel and Clubland Events. Now we bring you a distinctive selection of playlists to… Read more »

Artists: Loud Luxury

Canadian Dance Duo ‘Loud Luxury’ are smashing into the charts with their certified hit ‘Body’ featuring brando! With 80 million streams in the bag and counting, the duo’s dance-crossover smash is set to be an essential for your weekend playlist! The full ‘Body’ Experience is taking the duo to new heights; placing them firmly in… Read more »

Artists: Lost Frequencies

Brussels-based Lost Frequencies is the revelation of the current Electronic Dance Music generation. The young Belgian prodigy, born Felix de Laet, emerged from the crammed pool of aspiring Dance music stars halfway through the year of 2014 and immediately delivered a worldwide hit single; ‘Are You With Me’. The quick rise to the top started… Read more »

Follow the AKA playlists on Spotify!

Keep up to date with the latest bangers from the world of Grime, Hop-Hop and R&B! Find all the AKA playlists on our Spotify profile.

The Clubland Workout playlist!

The Ultimate Workout! Hit Shuffle and get your adrenaline pumping! Click the image below to follow the playlist and be sure to Follow Clubland for more playlists.